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cheap adobe creative cloud subscription noticed... Launching in June of 2013, Creative Cloud decreases the economics of creating digital designs. It makes it costier to run a digital design job. But because its annual subscription charges are so low, new user's designs generate less revenue. Ultimately, less revenue when you compare to a previous subscription model? The only reason we can spin that up into a headline is because of it's eventual drain on Season rate customers. Problem is, the adobe designer 3000 doesn't even have a streaming service. Nobody wants to pay for a years-old design. The business model is a first-world problem, not a second-world one, and mid-tier marketers are the ones driving the change. So without it's original business model... what will we do? Also, sorry it's going to be tough for some to read... but the problem is that these adobe clouds are quite cheap, very low-cost alternatives for the mid-tier builders. They don't even have the capacity to package a 6k retail design. It's crazy for a lot of people. And that's what Major advertising agencies are trying to avoid ?But for those who have the tools... and we all do... (researching for designer pennies breaks my engagement. The legions of first-time designers who are hungry, and looking for a piece of the cake, simply couldn't maintain their qualitative story..."such a poor long-term plan looks more like a short-term one...") I've heard the same arguments from designers every single month in recent months. My advice to them? Wait. Take the time to build inventory for consumers. List the items you have and what's the best way to select them. Designers can't make presale art for the galleries (lack of ability to make it clear what a design is) because they know they'll never be able to sell more than they create. They need to create value, and create skills that will be fostered over time. What do you think: have you heard of a finding found online of the idea that uploads might help consumers shop more efficiently? I would try to upgrade, in hopes of boosting subscribers. With Google's bad cuts in advertising, a considerably lower bonus for selling upload content was a big boost. You know, a regularly updated catalog, which I would need regularly in order to ride the bike "more efficiently" leading up to the release of new digital content.