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Nuance PDF Converter Professional 6

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“You need the right tool for the job.”

This age-old bit of advice still applies today, especially when it comes to working with PDF files. Free readers offer some useful features, but they don’t enable you to create or edit PDF files. And creation-only utilities provide no viewing, editing or security. Fortunately, there is a complete PDF solution out there. It’s Nuance PDF Converter Professional 6, the #1 tool for turning PDF files into fully formatted, editable PC documents.


Create 100% industry-standard PDF files, from virtually any PC application, that are fully compliant with other PDF viewers. Toolbar shortcuts for Microsoft Office allow you to make a PDF copy of your documents with a single click.
Instantly and accurately convert PDF files into fully-formatted Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XPS, and Corel WordPerfect documents — complete with text, columns, tables and graphics.
Easily edit directly within PDF files. Correct typos, edit and annotate both text and graphics directly within PDF files.
Fill and save PDF forms with FormTyper. Convert static PDF forms into fillable PDF forms that you can complete, save, and email. With one click, FormTyper locates the fields on your form – even on scanned forms – and adds fillable fields without changing the original!

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