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Micromat TechTool Pro 6

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Designed for the Novice, Powered for the Professional

Using TechTool Pro, you don't need to be an expert. With an easy-to-use interface, single-click diagnostics scan critical CPU, memory, video hardware and more to identify impending problems to help you prevent costly repairs. New in version 6, TechTool Pro ships standard in a 3 user Family Pack, yet provides a comprehensive suite of tests that also delivers for the Mac professional

TechTool Pro's hard drive tools are second to none. Create an emergency startup partition on the active system volume using TechTool Pro's eDrive, without ever having to boot from a DVD. Perform a SMART test on your internal ATA or SATA drives to detect changes in reliability, and repair corrupt or damaged HFS+ volumes, including those in newer solid-state devices (SSD's)

Use TechTool Pro's Volume Cloning to create exact duplicates of your volumes for trouble-free archiving. Plus, TechTool Pro helps you recover deleted files and lost data. If bad blocks are found when scanning your hard drive, you can identify and restore the corrupted files within them from previous backups you have archived

To help keep your Mac running at peak performance, use TechTool Pro to optimize your volumes after defragmenting your files, or to repair disk permissions which may prevent problems accessing applications or files on your Mac

TechTool Pro also helps with device management within your local area network (LAN). To monitor the configuration or security of your LAN, TechTool Pro displays Bonjour supported devices and active services, and helps track devices no longer available to the monitored network

Count on TechTool Pro to provide total, continuous protection by monitoring your system, alerting you when aberrant behavior is detected, and helping you maintain top performance for your Mac every day


Diagnostics and Repair The best place to start is Check Computer, which performs a complete diagnostics check of the computer and the Mac formatted hard drives with one click of the mouse. This includes a SMART test of the computer's built-in hard drive to check for impending drive failure, a test of the computer's available RAM, analysis of the disk directories, and much more. If problems are found, advice is provided on how to proceed to repair the problem. Use Check Computer regularly as a part of a preventive maintenance program
Volume Rebuild In addition to testing the disk directories of hard drives, TechTool Pro can also rebuild damaged directories. This optimizes these critical data structures and, on a corrupted drive, will repair any damage to the directories. Use volume rebuild to keep your drives operating at their peak performance
eDrive New in version 6, the eDrive can now create a bootable Mac OS X partition on the active system volume, which contains TechTool Pro's toolset and important files from your systems framework. This can be used in an emergency startup partition or to perform regular maintenance on your Mac without the need to reformat, or to boot from a DVD or secondary hard drive
Cloning Volume Cloning creates exact duplicates of your volumes for trouble-free archiving to backup your data and applications. Cloning volumes can also be helpful if you are upgrading from a smaller size hard drive to a larger hard drive. You also have the option of creating a disc image of your volumes
Optimization TechTool Pro performs both file and volume optimization. File optimization consolidates fragmented files into a contiguous area of the hard drive. Volume optimization consolidates the free space on a hard drive. The resulting optimization simplifies the file storage layout and enhances the overall performance of your drive
Data Recovery TechTool Pro helps you recovery your data from corrupted drives or volumes that don't mount on the desktop to save the data to another location. Use the Trash History feature to track the location of deleted files and increase the chance of their recovery in the case of an accidental deletion
Network TechTool Pro will monitor the configuration of your local area network (LAN) by revealing the active services and ports on each selected machine or Bonjour supported device on your LAN. This information is important for strengthening security on a specific machine, Bonjour supported device or your overall LAN, and is also helpful in tracking what devices have been in use in the past that are no longer available since the last time monitoring was performed
Protection Preferences TechTool Pro includes the option to install the TechTool Protection system preference, where you configure automatic functions that operate in the background. In particular, you can configure Protection to track deleted files, monitor the free space on your hard drives, save backups of critical directory data to help with recovery in the event of drive corruption, and to monitor the SMART routines of your hard drives. If problems are found, Protection delivers onscreen and email alerts

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