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Corel DVD MovieFactory 6 PLUS

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Turn your video tapes into DVD movies and slide shows with Hollywood-style menus. DVD MovieFactory 6 offers video-editing tools that make it easy to polish camcorder footage for more professional-looking DVDs. Instantly create sophisticated opening sequences with theme templates. Personalize projects with titles, music and special effects. And if you're looking for the full high-definition experience, the Plus version lets you archive, share and play your music, data, photos and videos on CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc or HD DVD.
High-Quality DVD Production Create DVD menus that pop. Choose from over 70 motion menu styles with freely modifiable text, objects or buttons, and add cool menu transitions and filters.
The Full High-Definition Experience End-to-end high-definition DVD creation lets you capture video from multiple sources, such as HDV or AVCHDв„ў camcorders, author HD discs, and burn to Blu-ray Disc or HD DVD in high definition. Use the Direct-to-disc feature to convert video directly from your DV or HDV camcorder to Blu-ray Disc, or to back up your data.
Plug-and-Go DVD Recording The easiest way from tape to DVD — without any editing. Simply connect your camcorder, VCR or TV tuner to your PC, and burn directly to standard- or high-definition playable discs.
Music, Backup, Playback and More Compile hours of Hi-Fi music on DVD, or create music CDs and MP3 discs. Copy, span or shrink any kind of disc, and make quick-drop backups of your data and pictures. Plus, play back all your videos and movies with WinDVDВ® 8 Player

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