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Autodesk Revit 2019

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Built for Building Information Modeling

RevitВ® BIM software includes features for architectural design, MEP and structural engineering, and construction. Revit supports a multidiscipline, collaborative design process.

What's new

Multimonitor support and tabbed views Improve working space by organizing and arranging views using tabbed documents that can be docked, tiled, and viewed on multiple monitors.
Levels in 3D views Understand and manipulate important datum heights in your project with the option to display levels in 3D views.
OR in filters Create view filters with multiple rules and nested sets with combination of AND and OR conditions.
Uncropped perspective views Work in full-screen uncropped perspective view. Move around the view freely with navigation commands such as Zoom, Pan, and Orbit.
Double-fill patterns Communicate design intent by applying both foreground and background fill patterns in cut or surface.
Custom steel connections Enhance detailed steel modeling with the ability to create your own steel connections with dedicated tools.
Engineering documentation for steel Create accurate engineering documentation for structural steel, including details with steel connections.
Free-form rebar shape matching Use Revit to match existing rebar shape families or create new rebar shape families based on free-form bar geometry.
Autodesk Drive Securely store, preview, and share your 2D and 3D design data using data storage designed for individuals and small teams.
Precast girder slabs automation Perform segmentation; add reinforcement according to predefined rules; and generate shop drawings.
Complex piping networks Improved pressure drop analysis for complex networks, supporting primary/secondary separation for hydronic systems.
Parallel pump analysis Analyze pumps in parallel in hydronic piping networks, easily compute flow from duty and standby pump quantities.

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