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Autodesk MotionBuilder 2015

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MotionBuilderВ® 3D character animation software for virtual production helps you to more efficiently manipulate and refine data with greater reliability. Capture, edit, and play back complex character animation in a highly responsive, interactive environment, and work with a display optimized for both animators and directors.


Real-time 3D engine Access one of the industry's fastest animation tools.
Productivity-geared workflows Take on demanding, high-volume projects
Motion capture editing and data cleanup Includes production-proven tools to manipulate motion capture data.
Stereoscopic toolsets Capitalize on trends for stereoscopic 3D content.
Smooth interoperability With its software development kit, support for FBX data exchange technology, and Python scripting, MotionBuilder interoperates with certain products in the Entertainment Creation Suites. Establish live streaming between MotionBuilder and Maya to send HumanIK characters between applications.

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