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Autodesk Maya 2013

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Autodesk Maya 2013 software delivers practical toolsets to help create and maintain the modern, open pipelines you need to address today's challenging 3D animation, visual effects, game development, and post production projects. Powerful new toolsets for dynamic simulation, animation, and rendering offer new levels of creativity, while everyday productivity enhancements help you finish faster. In addition, the Open Data initiative introduced in Maya 2013 offers tools to help facilitate parallel workflows and better complexity handling.

Maya nHair

Create stunning, highly realistic hair and other curve-based dynamics with the new MayaВ® nHair module for the MayaВ® Nucleus unified simulation framework.
Create complex simulations with multiple dynamic entities all working together, with the ability to interact bidirectionally with both MayaВ® nCloth and MayaВ® nParticles.
Use a common system of fields, forces, and constraints for all Nucleus modules.

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