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Ashampoo Uninstaller 8

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Completely eliminate unwanted programs, toolbars and plugins - for a faster, cleaner and more secure PC!

Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 is the solution to install, test and, if needed, uninstall applications with absolutely no leftovers. You are in control of what stays and what goes on your PC! Eliminate unsolicited software installations, browser extensions and toolbars at the click of a button! The program carefully monitors each installation to allow for total removal, including temporary files, later on thanks to detailed logging and Deep Cleaning technology! The built-in snapshot feature allows you to compare different system states and instantly identify any and all changes made by installers or programs.


Not just for specialists but for everyone! Even beginners will have no difficulty using Ashampoo UnInstaller 8. With the redesigned user interface, every function is just one click away and complex procedures become self-explanatory. Enjoy hassle-free program removals without leftovers! Find out what's really going on your PC during installations and rid yourself of unwanted clutter. It's the perfect choice for beginners and pros alike!
The four phases of perfect uninstalls Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 combines four different techniques to eliminate installations down to the last byte. Log files created by UnInstaller 8 during installations are the most reliable approach since every file and Registry modification is recorded. Uninstall scripts provided by each program are also used. If a dedicated profile is available, it will also be processed. Finally, a deep system scan is run following the uninstall procedure to detect and eliminate any leftover files and Registry modifications!
Program profiles for clean uninstalls even without logs Until now, completely removing unlogged installations was difficult with both files and Registry keys often being left behind. Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 features installation profiles for many popular applications for complete removal even without dedicated logs. This is especially useful for complex setup routines and, in tandem with our Deep Clean technology, guarantees perfectly clean uninstalls down to the last byte!
A guard for always-on protection Ashampoo UnInstaller 8's installation guard constantly monitors your PC while being incredibly lightweight on system resources. But even if you remove applications through Windows' default means, UnInstaller will perform deep system scans to make sure nothing gets left behind. In most cases, UnInstaller will even detect the beginning and end of installations automatically so you won't have to do a thing!
You asked for it, you got it: secure and permanent file deletion Numerous UnInstaller users have asked for a hassle-free module to permanently and irretrievably delete sensitive files. File Wiper does exactly that and with military-grade precision! By overwriting existing files multiple times, even special tools can no longer recover your sensitive data and your privacy stays intact!
A step beyond file deletion - shredding! Many files that are removed during uninstalling contain sensitive information like user profiles, payment methods or passwords and should be permanently deleted. Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 includes military-grade file wiping technology to protect your privacy. This ensures sensitive data is irrevocably deleted and no longer accessible even for special tools!
Unmatched ease of use While other uninstallers have you slog through various submenus and dialogs, Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 makes everything easily accessible. Simply drag a desktop shortcut on UnInstaller's program icon to start uninstalling or browse through program categories or review recently uninstalled applications with a single click on the start page!

Is it possible to save and buy Ashampoo Uninstaller 8 with discount? Yes, sure! You can pay only 9.95. How to use Ashampoo Uninstaller 8? Ashampoo Uninstaller 8 will be a real-time App and you can uninstall any app completely on your PC. You can uninstall almost any app, even your favorite ones, with this tool. You can even uninstall your favorite apps from the task bar. You can uninstall almost any app, even your favorite ones, with this tool. You can even uninstall your favorite apps from the task bar. How much does it cost? It is actually free, as this is free software. You can use it to remove any app with Ashampoo Uninstaller 8. How to uninstall apps without the need to open the app store? By selecting the app and then selecting "uninstall" it will automatically warn you before you can uninstall it. This is a great feature, as it will save you from having to open the app store and search for the app you want to uninstall. Note: All the apps we have talked about in this article are free. Happy Uninstalling!