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Ashampoo Privacy Protector

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More safety for the only data that matters - your data!

Privacy Protector offers an innovative, combined security approach that includes encryption, archiving and cleaning. Instead of having to use separate tools that may not play well together, you can now rely on a single, well-balanced solution that does away with confusing settings and bloated menus in favor of clarity and usability.
Highlight summary Maximum encryption for your private dataBurn and archive data safely with high-security recordablesUse flash drives as master keysWorks without passwords ... Use existing files and images as password keysDelete sensitive information completely and permanentlyFind and eliminate revealing data traces from your system
Protect your privacy with Ashampoo Privacy Protector now. Every day counts Encrypt, delete, clean and archive with maximum safety. Encrypt your files easily with proven AES256 encryption, burn the result to any disc and delete the source files permanently. Sounds easy? It is! And there's no more need to remember lengthy passwords. Simply plug in a flash drive to hold the automatically generated master key and you have a handy, mobile password safe to carry around. You can also use your files, e.g. images, as password keys and rid your world entirely of passwords. Need to email your files? A click is all it takes to create an email with the proper attachment. And due to popular demand, we also added a system cleaner that removes no longer needed files from your machine - and it's customizable too.

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