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Aimersoft DVD Backup

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Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac is a super easy, fast and powerful DVD Copy tool, which makes DVD backup more flexible and personal with its diverse input and output DVD copy choices. With the innovative technology, this DVD Backup also allows you to split or compress DVD movies from DVD9 to DVD5 when copying DVDs

Diverse Inputs: DVD disc, ISO file, .dvdmedia, Video_tsCustomized Copy: main, full, and specified movie copy, no menu copy, DVD split and compress copy.Flexible Outputs: DVD disc, local, or iPhone, iPod, iPad, etcFree to Select: DVD subtitles, sound tracks, DVD copy modes


Diverse Input Resources Aimersoft DVD Backup supports diversified input resources. Besides to backup various DVD movies with CSS, RC or RCE protection, it can also burn VIDEO_TS files, dvdmedia, and ISO file to a new black DVD disc very easily on your Mac for TV playback, vehicle DVD player, or regular home DVD players
Absolutely Free to Customize Copy Modes This DVD Backup tool offers enough freedom for all DVD movie lovers to backup their favorite DVD movie in a real personalized way. The copy modes like Main movie, Full movies, Customized movies and copy movies with No Menu provide full personal copy choices to each title and each chapter
Multiple Output Options DVD Backup provides several output options for your copied DVD movies. You can backup them to a new DVD disc, or save them onto your local computer hard drive, or even to backup them into your portable devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad or some other multimedia devices

Some folks saving few bucks buying Aimersoft DVD Backup from Amazon Marketplace, Ebay or Craigslist. But we can offer as cheap as 19.95. Pros: High quality for contents and music 2 year warranty Small size Cons: Identical to a CD/DVD Some people reading this page have already made their own DVD/CD backup system. They use a tool called DVDWizard, which you can download and install on your computer or PC. Download and install DVDWizard If you want to make your own DVD/CD backup software, you can get it from these link. DVDWizard – Free You can also purchase a CD/DVD backup from Amazon for only 10$.