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buy ACDSee Canvas plus GIS 15.5

ACDSee Canvas plus GIS 15.5

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Why Canvas 15?
Analyze, enhance, and share your rich information with ease, precision, and professional results, all while utilizing just one integrated application.

Canvas 15 is all you need.
Canvas allows engineers and technical graphics professionals to illustrate and communicate with confidence. Canvas’ minimum precision levels and powerful object illustration and image editing tools ensure that the accuracy of your data is maintained right through to publication. Accelerate and streamline your technical illustration workflow from initial import and design to final presentation, facilitate collaboration, and improve your overall productivity with this complete technical illustration software solution.

What's new

Work Your Way
Effortless Precision
Carefree Copying
Tightened Text Workflow
An Expanded Library
Streamline Your Sophisticated Shapes
Accelerate Your AutoCAD Project
Fly to the Web
Create Powerful PDFs
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