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ABBYY Screenshot Reader 11

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Unlock your screen content.

Capture texts and tables without retyping.
ABBYY Screenshot Reader turns text within any image captured from your screen into an editable format without retyping — making it easy to reuse in digital documents, emails or reports. It accomodates more than 180 languages with outstanding recognition accuracy.
Create “snapshots” of images and text from opened documents, file menus, Web pages, presentations, Flash-content, or PDF files with a few clicks.


Capture Two Types of Screenshots – Image and Text Traditional screenshot capture programs take a picture of a program window or selected area of a user’s computer desktop. With ABBYY Screenshot Reader you can decide whether to take the traditional вЂ˜Image Screenshots’ of your desktop application, Web site, presentation, or area of a document, or you can turn the text in graphics files into editable text and create вЂ˜Text Screenshots’.
Image Screenshots Easily create screenshots and save them as images, that you can share with your friends or use in presentations, training materials and various other documents. You can capture only selected area on the screen, a complete window (print screen) or your entire desktop. Advanced function Timed Screen will even let you take a screenshot with 5 seconds delay so you have the possibility to вЂ˜prepare’ the screen - for example open up according menus if making documentation for a software.
Text Screenshots If you want to grab some text from an image file, Web site, presentation, or PDF you can quickly turn text areas into truly editable text that you can paste directly into an open application, edit or save as MicrosoftВ® Word or ExcelВ® documents. Screenshot Reader will convert the image of the screenshot into text.
Easy to Use with Practical Tools Taking screenshots is an easy task with our set of practical tools. The program’s main screen allows to choose an area for the screenshot and an output format. Screenshot reader can be set up to launch automatically at each start up and will be always by your hand.
Variety of saving formats Screenshots can be used for different tasks and you might need them in different saving formats. ABBYY Screenshot Reader lets you save Image Screenshots in JPEG, Bitmap or PNG formats. Text Screenshot can be saved as editable texts in .RTF, .TXT, .DOC or .XLS formats.
Benefit from ABBYY OCR technology Screenshot Reader is powered by award winning ABBYY OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology which has been developed over the last 20 years. This technology is included in professional OCR and PDF conversion solutions like ABBYY FineReader that turns paper documents and images into editable electronic formats with superior accuracy and layout retention.

Some folks saving few bucks buying ABBYY Screenshot Reader 11 from Amazon Marketplace, Ebay or Craigslist. But we can offer as cheap as 4.95. This is the 5th version of this reader and it's still the best one at this moment. What is ABBYY Screenshot Reader? ABBYY Screenshot Reader is a program that allows you to save your photos and videos to your SD card and then access them from your Android device. The picture taken on your phone is saved to your device's internal memory, while the video is stored on the device's SD card. The internal memory is a flash memory card with a small cache of pictures or videos stored inside. The flash memory itself is not full of pictures or videos, but it does have a small cache of pictures and videos. The flash memory is used to store pictures and videos in your SD card. What happens is that when you want to access these stored pictures and videos, you have to plug your Android device into your computer. You must then insert the SD card into your computer. As soon as your phone or tablet is connected to the computer, it starts to read and write the contents of the flash memory to the SD card. This is done even when your phone or tablet is switched off. The app also allows you to save files directly to the SD card. This is especially useful if you are going to upload pictures or videos to a social network. For example, if you are going to upload a picture from your Facebook account, you can save your Facebook photo on the SD card. Next time you want to upload the picture to Facebook, using the app, you can use the app to save the picture to the SD card, which then can be accessed from your Facebook account. You can also download photos or videos from your social network using the app. Overall, we must say that ABBYY Screenshot Reader has become a must-have app for anyone who needs a Google Android device to save their pictures and videos to their SD card. Pros There are many benefits of using this app, but the first and foremost is saving your pictures and videos to the SD card. Cons The app does not support video recording. However, it does have an app for that too. So, in summary, we say that the app is a must-have for all those who want to use their phone as a camera. Download Download ABBYY Screenshot Reader from Google Play or Amazon Marketplace